The Textile Touch course is a unique, practical, experience-based course teaching and training you on how to deliver your collection from design concept to manufactured garment using and applying the unique, systematic Textile Touch® programme and B.E.S.P.O.K.E® methodology, developed by Katie Young Gerald, Awarding winning Author & Founder of Bespoke Textiles & ForeverYoung, sharing and applying her thirty-years’ experience, knowledge and insights in the six key stages to successful product delivery, taking you from Defining your style, Designing & Developing your collection to Producing it consistent with high Quality Control leading to Delivery to the retailer or customer.

Course Outcomes

What You Will Get:

  • In-depth knowledge of six key steps to successful product design to delivery
  • Understanding and training in how to design and develop a bespoke product range from scratch
  • Skills and know-how to build robust, ethical and sustainable supply chains, sourcing reliable producers
  • Identifying and avoiding typical traps for the unwary and costly manufacturing mistakes
  • A strong set of reliable contacts & resources to create and deliver your products

* Results dependent on all assignments and homework successfully completed.

Who Is It Designed For?

  • Anyone wanting to convert design concepts into delivered products
  • SMEs and entrepreneurs creating new product lines
  • SMEs and entrepreneurs expanding existing product lines
  • MBAs wanting to hit the road with advance skills set, grounded in practical skills and know-how to launch own collection
  • Undergraduates wanting to bring forward practical skills and know-how into their design concepts

What You Need To Bring!

  • Commitment & communication
  • Passion
  • Energy

There Are 3 Ticket Options


  • Early bird price of £990 – regular price of £2970
  • Full Course Part 1-4 (10 Modules)
  • Teaching you how to define, design,  develop, produce, QC & deliver your entire collection through a sustainable supply chain full course regular £2970


  • Early bird price of £495 – 50% off regular £990 price
  • Part 1 of course (modules 1-3)
  • Teaching you how to define & design

A La Mode:

  • Membership £25+VAT
  • FB Support group
  • Monthly live Q&A
  • Recording of ‘how to build your signature style’
  • Plus up to 2 factory introductions

Essential Course Material:

My book The Textile Touch is a pre course requiste. We will be referencing the book throughout the course and utalising it for ‘homework’ for most parts of the modules.

Buy your copy via ths link https://www.amazon.co.uk/Textile-Touch-Five-Star-Hospitality-Signature/dp/1781333106